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Disiclin ROPA LIMPIA Fabric Softener 40 Wash

Disiclin ROPA LIMPIA Fabric Softener 40 Wash

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Experience the essence of cleanliness with Disiclin Ropa Limpia Concentrated Fabric Softener, meticulously crafted in Spain.

With more than enough for 40 washes, this potent formula ensures your laundry emanates a lasting, delightful fragrance while offering unmatched softness.

Transforming your laundry into a fragrant haven of freshness.

Disiclin concentrated fabric softener is your ideal choice for laundry softener if you love your clothes to be soft, but also beautifully fragranced too. Disiclin are a well established brand in Spain, known for its wide range of cleaning and laundry products.

Disiclin is most well-known among Spaniards in Northern Spain, although they have good exposure in the Canary Islands and their products are used by many residents on the Canary Islands.



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