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Disiclin SWEET NIGHT Fabric Softener 72 wash

Disiclin SWEET NIGHT Fabric Softener 72 wash

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Disiclin concentrated fabric softener is your ideal choice for laundry softener if you love your clothes to be soft, but also beautifully fragranced too. Disiclin are a well established brand in Spain, known for its wide range of cleaning and laundry products.

Disiclin is most well-known among Spaniards in Northern Spain, although they have good exposure in the Canary Islands and their products are used by many residents on the Canary Islands.

Disiclin produce an outstanding quality offering of fabric softeners. Their latest super range are known and loved formulas, just made to be extra strong! There is not a better feeling than when the washing comes out smelling amazing. The feeling of getting in your freshly made bed with gorgeous smelling sheets... that is where Disiclin's laundry range really excels.

Not to mention they use recyclable bottles, do not test on animals and use ingredients designed to be kind to sensitive skin.



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