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KH-7 Desic Floor Cleaner LAVENDER 750ml

KH-7 Desic Floor Cleaner LAVENDER 750ml

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Introducing KH-7 Desic Floor-cleaning Insecticide, an innovative solution to protect your home from crawling insects while keeping your floors clean and fresh. Made in Spain, this unique product combines the power of floor cleaner with the effectiveness of insecticide, providing both cleaning and protection in one convenient formula.

With its preventive and long-lasting effect, KH-7 Desic Floor-cleaning Insecticide acts as a barrier against common crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, and mites. It instantly removes any existing insects on the floor while leaving behind a pleasant lavender scent, ensuring your home stays clean and insect-free.

Simply use KH-7 Desic Floor-cleaning Insecticide as part of your regular cleaning routine to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your floors are not only sparkling clean but also protected against unwanted pests.

KH-7 Desic protects your home for 15 days (provided that its effect is not removed with another floor-cleaner)

Its insecticide formula eliminates crawling insects like ants, cockroaches, spiders, and prevents them from appearing.

Can be used around pets and children.



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