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Kiriko DESCALING Toilet Gel 750ml

Kiriko DESCALING Toilet Gel 750ml

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Introducing Kiriko Descaling Toilet Cleaner, the ultimate solution to limescale buildup, proudly made in Spain. With its powerful gel formula contained within a 750ml bottle, this cleaner is designed to tackle even the toughest limescale stains, ensuring your toilet sparkles with cleanliness.

Say goodbye to stubborn limescale deposits as Kiriko's advanced formula works its magic, effortlessly dissolving 100% of limescale, even beneath the waterline. Experience the satisfaction of a toilet that's not only clean but also gleaming with brilliance.

Thanks to its innovative angled neck design, Kiriko Descaling Toilet Cleaner reaches underneath the edge of the toilet bowl, targeting every nook and cranny for thorough hygiene. Its unique formulation adheres to the walls, ensuring a deep clean that leaves your toilet sanitized and refreshed.

Trust in Kiriko to deliver superior performance and unmatched convenience, making toilet cleaning a breeze. Elevate your cleaning routine with Kiriko Descaling Toilet Cleaner and enjoy the pristine cleanliness your bathroom deserves.



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