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Mayordomo TALCO Fabric Softener 2L

Mayordomo TALCO Fabric Softener 2L

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Introducing Mayordomo Talco Fabric Softener, a premium softening solution made in Spain. Each 2L bottle is infused with micro crystals designed to provide an exceptional softness to your fabrics while leaving a delightful talcum powder scent.

Mayordomo Talco Fabric Softener is crafted to perfection, ensuring your clothes feel soft and fresh after every wash. The micro crystals penetrate deep into the fibers, enhancing the softness and making ironing easier. This fabric softener not only cares for your clothes but also infuses them with a lasting fragrance, giving you a luxurious laundry experience.

Ideal for all types of fabrics, it helps reduce static cling and makes fabrics easier to manage. Simply add it to your wash cycle and enjoy the benefits of softer, fresher-smelling clothes.

Treat your laundry to the luxurious touch of Mayordomo Talco Fabric Softener and experience the difference.



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