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Splash VANILLA Air Freshener 300ml

Splash VANILLA Air Freshener 300ml

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Elevate your surroundings with the enchanting aroma of the Splash Vertical Air Freshener in the luxurious Vanilla scent. Introducing a new dimension of freshness, this 300ml masterpiece is designed to infuse your space with a timeless and comforting fragrance.

Unveil the power of the Splash Vertical Air Freshener – a sleek and modern solution that seamlessly integrates into any room or office, making a statement of sophistication. With a simple vertical placement, the air freshener exudes a continuous and balanced Vanilla aroma, enveloping your environment in a soothing embrace.

Crafted for both aesthetics and functionality, the Splash Vertical Air Freshener is as visually pleasing as it is fragrant. Its elegant design enhances any décor, while the powerful and enduring Vanilla fragrance lingers, creating a welcoming ambiance for all.

Bid farewell to stale odours and embrace a world of inviting scents that reinvigorate your senses. Let the Splash Vertical 300ml Vanilla Air Freshener redefine your space, making each moment a delightful journey through the soothing notes of creamy Vanilla. Elevate your surroundings – one vertical spray at a time.



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