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Ana Abiyedh I AM WHITE ROUGE Arabic Air Freshener 300ml

Ana Abiyedh I AM WHITE ROUGE Arabic Air Freshener 300ml

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Introducing Ana Abiyedh "I Am White Rouge" Arabic Air Freshener, a luxurious scent experience reminiscent of the iconic Bakkarat Rouge perfume:

  • Exquisite Fragrance: Ana Abiyedh captures the essence of the renowned Bakkarat Rouge perfume, offering a sophisticated blend of notes that exude elegance and luxury. Immerse yourself in a captivating aroma that leaves a lasting impression in any space.

  • Made in the UAE: Crafted with precision and care in the United Arab Emirates, Ana Abiyedh guarantees superior quality and authenticity. Embrace the allure of Arabian craftsmanship and indulge in the opulent fragrance of "I Am White Rouge."

  • Generous Size: Each 300ml spray bottle provides ample fragrance to infuse your surroundings with its delightful scent. Enjoy long-lasting freshness and create an inviting atmosphere in your home, office, or any environment you desire.

  • Bakkarat Rouge Inspired: Inspired by the beloved Bakkarat Rouge perfume, Ana Abiyedh "I Am White Rouge" offers a unique olfactory experience with its harmonious blend of notes. Revel in the sophistication and allure of this exquisite fragrance.

Elevate your senses with Ana Abiyedh "I Am White Rouge" Arabic Air Freshener and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of luxury fragrance. Experience the timeless elegance and sophistication of Bakkarat Rouge in every spray.



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