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Disiclin FLORAL Multi Surface Cleaner 1L

Disiclin FLORAL Multi Surface Cleaner 1L

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Introducing Disiclin Floral Multi-Use Cleaner, meticulously made in Spain for versatile cleaning applications.

Encased in a 1L bottle, this powerful cleaner is your go-to solution for floors and can be easily diluted for use on various surfaces in any room.

Elevate your cleaning routine with Disiclin, offering Spanish expertise that ensures effective cleaning and versatility across your entire living space.

Disiclin is a popular brand in Northern Spain and has been a trusted brand for families for years. Their hallmark products include their incredible range of floor cleaners and multi-surface cleaners.

This smell of floral is beautiful, we think you will love this floor cleaner!

This is a 1 Litre scented floor cleaner which has a gorgeous smell. The formula is PH neutral and can be used around pets. This product is not tested on animals and is cruelty-free.

This floor cleaner does not contain bleach and can be used for a variety of purposes - for cleaning laminate or wood flooring, hard tiled floors, mezzanine floors and even carpets and rugs.



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