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Spanish Clean

Hoover Discs x4 Per Pack

Hoover Discs x4 Per Pack

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Gorgeous scented hoover discs 4 pack

You will receive your choice of scent in a 4 pack, Highly fragranced and long lasting.

Odouraze scents are made to eliminate odours instead of masking them. Perfect for hoovers of pet owners! Also perfect if you don’t have pets as we all know hoovers can start to smell.

Colours of discs will vary from the photo

Fully CLP compliant

To use: Simply empty your hoover and place one or two discs under your filter or in the cylinder/bag.

It is recommended these discs go under the filter as when the air blows out it will release the fragrance. Leaving the room you have hoovered smelling fresh and eliminating the dusty hoover smell. 

Please wash hands after use, if possible wear disposable gloves or use a tweezer to pick up the discs. ( I use the stamp tweezers off amazon!) This avoids any fragrance oil touching your skin. However just washing them after use is fine.

The discs can last up to a few weeks depending on how much you use the hoover and how often you empty it. 

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