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Kirkland MICROFIBRE Cloth x 1

Kirkland MICROFIBRE Cloth x 1

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Experience the cleaning sensation that went viral on TikTok with Kirkland Microfiber Cloth, as used by Kaye Marie, available in a huge size of 40x40cm.

Trusted by influencers, this extra-large microfiber cloth offers superior cleaning power and durability. Crafted for efficiency, it effortlessly captures dust, dirt, and spills, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Elevate your cleaning routine with the TikTok-viral Kirkland Microfiber Cloth, known for its effectiveness and the endorsement of Kaye Marie.

Embrace the cleaning trend that took social media by storm. Transform your cleaning experience with this extra-large 40x40cm cloth, perfect for all your cleaning needs

80% polyester 20% polyamide 

perfect for bucket cleans 




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