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Las 3 Brujas

Las 3 Brujas Glass/Mirror Cleaner 750ml

Las 3 Brujas Glass/Mirror Cleaner 750ml

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Experience the TikTok-viral sensation with Las 3 Brujas Glass Cleaner, an aromatic marvel that captivates with its amazing scent. Made in Spain, this cleaner isn't just about sparkle; it's about an unparalleled shine that transforms your glass surfaces. Partner it seamlessly with Las Dos Rosas Glass Cleaning Cloth for the ultimate cleaning duo. Together, they ensure a high shine that exceeds all expectations. Elevate your cleaning experience with the best glass cleaner in the market, setting new standards of brilliance and sophistication.

We are pleased to source and provide genuine branded products directly from Spain in the UK. The Las 3 Brujas brand (The 3 Witches) offers a comprehensive and extensive range of cleaning products suitable for homes, offices, commercial facilities and more. The 3 Brujas are particularly popular in Spain and are a well known brand, much loved for its excellent cleaning properties and unique fresh scent. We are proud to offer six patented 3 Brujas products including the bathroom disinfectant, multi-purpose cleaner, mirror and glass cleaner and of course the specialise cleaners for marble, granite (and ceramics) and wooden surfaces.




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