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Mayordomo ROSA RUBI Fabric Softener 2L

Mayordomo ROSA RUBI Fabric Softener 2L

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The Mayordomo Rosa Rubi Fabric Softener, made in Spain, is a concentrated fabric softener available in a 2-litre bottle, designed to provide exceptional softness and fragrance for up to 80 washes.

 This product is formulated with micro capsules that release a long-lasting perfume and freshness, ensuring your garments maintain their pleasant scent over time.

 Thanks to its new formula, it delivers extraordinary softness and a delicate touch to your clothing, making it an ideal choice for those who value quality and care in their laundry routine.

The Mayordomo Rosa Rubi Fabric Softener is your perfect ally for clothing care, enhancing both the feel and smell of your garments.



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