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Splash ROPA LIMPIA Freshmatic Refill Spray 250ml

Splash ROPA LIMPIA Freshmatic Refill Spray 250ml

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Introducing Splash Ropa Limpia Freshmatic Refill Air Freshener, a 250ml tin of aromatic delight crafted to invigorate your space with a refreshing ambiance. Made in Spain, this versatile refill is designed to be used seamlessly with automatic machines or as a standalone air freshener.

Embrace the crisp and clean fragrance of Splash Ropa Limpia, inspired by the fresh scent of clean laundry billowing in the breeze. With each spray, your surroundings will be infused with a sense of purity and vitality, transforming any space into a sanctuary of freshness.

Ideal for use in homes, offices, or any environment in need of a revitalizing boost, this refill offers convenience and efficacy in one sleek package. Simply insert into your automatic air freshener dispenser or utilize as a standalone spray for instant fragrance enhancement.

Elevate your surroundings with the inviting aroma of Splash Ropa Limpia Freshmatic Refill Air Freshener and immerse yourself in a world of refreshing tranquility.



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