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The Spanish Clean ESSENTIALS BLITZ Bundle

The Spanish Clean ESSENTIALS BLITZ Bundle

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Introducing the Spanish Clean Essentials Blitz Bundle – your ultimate solution for a sparkling home!

This exclusive bundle includes

  • 3 Witches Multiuse Spray
  • Brumol Ropa Limpia Floor Cleaner
  • Asevi Bathroom Cleaner Spray
  • Asevi Brisa Air & Fabric Spray
  • Asevi Fresh Toilet Drops
  • 2 Kirkland Microfiber Cloths.

Experience a cleaning revolution with these powerful products, meticulously curated to leave your home impeccably clean and delightfully fragrant. It's the perfect bundle to blitz your home, leaving behind a fantastic shine and aroma that lingers.

Transform your cleaning routine with Spanish Clean today!

** Cleaning Caddy Not Included**


3 Witches Multiuse Spray

This Spanish Cleaner is highly suitable for cleaning all types of household surfaces. Thanks to its exclusive formula, it restores the natural shine of surfaces without foaming and is easily used with a soft cloth.

In addition, thanks to its ph neutral formula, this product can be used on ALL types of hard surfaces without damaging them.

Want to take care of your hands? Do not worry, because its neutral pH formula will not damage your skin.

The scent is beautiful and distinctive. Your home will smell like a Spanish Villa!


Brumol Ropa Limpia Floor Cleaner

 Experience the allure of our Spanish, Highly Concentrated Multiuse Floor Cleaner. Renowned for its unmatched cleaning prowess and delightful clean and fresh fragrance. Crafted in Spain, this highly concentrated formula offers a superior cleaning experience while leaving your home infused with a captivating, clean aroma.

grime and dirt, ensuring your floors are not only impeccably clean but also beautifully scented. Elevate your cleaning routine with the invigorating scent of Spain. Choose our best-selling Highly Concentrated Multiuse Floor Cleaner for a home that gleams with freshness.


Asevi Bathroom Cleaning Spray

Introducing the new Asevi bathroom cleaning spray. In this 750ml spray top bottle, it is ideal for cleaning all of the bathroom, including the tiles, bath, toilet, any ceramics, and sides. It will hygienically clean your bathroom leaving a pleasent smell and oustanding shine.


Asevi Brisa Fabric & Air Freshener

Transform your surroundings with the refreshing allure of our Spanish Brisa Air & Fabric Spray. Crafted with Spanish expertise, this spray infuses your space and fabrics with the invigorating scent of 'Brisa' (Breeze).

Experience the essence of a Spanish breeze, filling your home with a light, clean aroma. Perfect for both air and fabrics, this spray brings a touch of Spanish freshness to every corner. Elevate your ambiance and fabrics with the captivating scent of Spanish Brisa Air & Fabric Spray.

Embrace the freshness of a Spanish breeze today.


Asevi Fresh Toilet Drops

Long lasting concentrated liquid air freshener which instantly leaves a fresh, cleaning smelling aroma.

IMMEDIATE ACTION: A few drops are sufficient enough to reduce bad smells and leaves a room smelling fresh and pleasant.

STRONG LASTING SMELL: Its fresh fragrance leaves a fresh and clean scent lasting for hours.

Asevi Fresh Toilet Drops are ideal for public and private places, bathrooms, toilets, cupboards, shoe stores, rubbish bins, areas where pets are kept, inside of cars, etc.


2x Kirkland Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

Experience the cleaning sensation that went viral on TikTok with Kirkland Microfiber Cloth, as used by Kaye Marie, available in a huge size of 40x40cm.

Trusted by influencers, this extra-large microfiber cloth offers superior cleaning power and durability. Crafted for efficiency, it effortlessly captures dust, dirt, and spills, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Elevate your cleaning routine with the TikTok-viral Kirkland Microfiber Cloth, known for its effectiveness and the endorsement of Kaye Marie.

Embrace the cleaning trend that took social media by storm. Transform your cleaning experience with this extra-large 40x40cm cloth, perfect for all your cleaning needs. This versatile set is ideal for a wide range of cleaning tasks across every room in your home. Perfect for use with bucket cleans or any household cleaning needs, these cloths offer exceptional results. Plus, they're machine washable, ensuring easy maintenance and long-lasting use. Elevate your cleaning game with this celebrated and versatile bundle, delivering a spotless finish across all your cleaning endeavors.





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